Monday, 29 October 2012

Hey guys! So today I'm going to do a TAG! As it's well and truly Autumn, I thought I would do the I <3 Fall TAG. I do really love Autumn, the fashion, the makeup and the weather is just so pretty! I think that Autumn is my favourite season :)

Now onto the TAG!

1) Favourite Fall Lip Product: My favourite lip product to use in the Fall is my Revlon Lip Pencil in Plum. I wouldn't use it everyday but if I am going somewhere special, I might put it on as a dark pop of colour. To me, dark berry colors just scream Fall and Autumn so I really love it, and this lip pencil isn't too dark for me either which I love!

2) Favourite Fall Nail Polish: I love glittery polishes for Fall! My favourite is a nice red nail with red glitter polish layered on my ring finger. I think it's very a cozy looking (if nail polish can be cozy! hahah )   nail polish look. Barry M has a really good red glitter polish.
I couldn't find the red glittery polish so here is the same one but in silver!

3) Favourite Starbucks Fall Drink: I have been absolutely LOVING the Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate! I order a non- fat Grande Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate with whip :) It sounds gross with grains of salt on top of the whipped cream but it's actually delicious!! I really recommend it!

4) Favourite Fall Candle: I actually don't burn a lot of candles but I really like the berry scented ones from IKEA. I think they smell really nice and seasonal. They give a room a lovely atmosphere! I know it's not very Fall-esque but I actually like the Yankee Christmas Cupcake candle! haha :) I'll have to wait for the I <3 Winter TAG for that one!

5) Favourite Fall Scarf/ Accessory: I love my taupe woolly snood from Penneys. I got this for €4 about 3 years ago and it makes a comeback every Fall/ Winter! It's so snuggly and goes with everything.. pretty and practical! ;)

6) Haunted House, Haunted Hay Ride, or Haunted Corn Maze: To be honest, I haven't been to any of these things! Corn mazes etc. are more of an American thing and we don't have them in Ireland (well I haven't seen any!)

7) Favourite Halloween Movie: I love the Halloweentown movies that they show on Disney Channel every year! I sound like such a child and I haven't seen them for a few years but if I see them on this year I'll definitely watch them! I loved them so much when I was younger!

8) Favourite Candy To Eat On Halloween: I love, love, love the Marks & Spencer's Halloween sweets that they bring out every year... their chocolate is amazing <3

 9) What are you dressing up as for Halloween this year: I think I might be Minnie Mouse but I'm not 100% sure yet! I have a Minnie Mouse Halloween Tutorial here! I'll either be Minnie Mouse or a ballerina!

10) What is your favourite thing about Fall: I love the Fall fashion!The cozy knits, riding boots, burgundy, navy, forest green, it's all gorgeous! I also like the makeup trends associated with Fall! I like the berry lips... so pretty!

So that is my I <3 Fall TAG! I hope you enjoy and I'll talk to you guys later! xoxo, E

And here are my Rudolph slippers! One Rudolph fell off though :'(


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