Sunday, 17 February 2013

Hey guys!

I thought I would do an update of what I've been getting up to this midterm. I got a much- needed week off of school and I was very busy!


On Monday I went to town (Dublin) to meet up with my sister to get lunch. We got Frozen Yoghurt in Yogism in George's Street Arcade <3 It was amazing.. yum yum! I got Salted Caramel Fro Yo with dark choc chips, white choc chips and strawberries. In Yogism, if you correctly guess the weight of your fro yo, you get it free! I've never got it right though :( Oh well, it's definitely worth it!


I had a lovely relaxing day on Tuesday, I did no homework (whoops!) and I walked to my local village with my dog and filmed an OOTD which should be up soon :) Did you guys give up anything for Lent? I gave up chocolate, sweets, crisps and biscuits. Wish me luck.... :(


I went shopping on Wednesday but I didn't buy anything as I'm saving up for summer :( I then went to my friend's house and helped her dip- dye her hair! I've never dyed anyone's hair so it was..... interesting ;) Oh, wait! I did buy something, a Red Velvet Yankee Candle for €1.50... haha :)


Thursday was Valentine's Day (Happy Belated Valentine's Day!) and I went into town to meet up with my friends as I have no boyfriend... #foreveralone... We went to Cactus Jacks on Abbey Street, a Mexican restaurant. They had great lunchtime deals, 3 tapas for €11.95 or 1 tapas and a main course for €11.95. I went for 1 tapas and a main course. I got BBQ Spare Ribs (<3) which were delicious! I love me some ribs! hahah :) And I got Beef Fajitas for my main course... Oh my, they were amazing too! The beef came out on a sizzling platter... very fancy! We then had a wander around the shops, and I bought some DIY supplies ( Haul and Vlog coming soon!) A great Valentine's Day in my opinion!

My ribsssss <3

My fajitas :)

Me and my friend... hahah :)

I went into town again on Friday to meet up with my sister for more fro yo! We love fro yo if you haven't yet noticed! I got natural yoghurt with strawberries, blackberries and banana chips as I'm off chocolate for Lent :( But it was yummy :) I also bought some b-e-a-utiful (Bruce Almightly reference there) ribbon!


I worked in a cooking school today from 9.30am- 1.30pm. I was very busy, I was chopping chorizo and salami for about an hour :o But it was great fun and I even learned a few things! This is the cookery school I worked in. I usually go as a student but I wasn't available for my usual time this Saturday so  I offered to help out with the Junior class! I then went to my dance class and we worked hard... I have a competition on Friday.. eek! Wish me luck!


Today, I have been very lazy! I haven't started my 2 page Irish essay yet, and it's due tomorrow... uh oh. I might finish a video I've been working on... and that's it! I'll relax on my last day of freedom ;)
I suppose I should look on the bright side, there's only 4 more weeks till St. Patrick's weekend and Easter ;)

Hahah, so I hope you liked this post, let me know what sort of posts you'd like to see,

xoxo, Emma


  1. Love this post - You should do more xx !

  2. THOSE RIBS LOOK SO GOOD! Great post x

  3. Oh I love Yogism! My fave is the caramel and I eat with marshmallows... so good! But they left Dundrum! :((
    Anyway I tagged you in the This or That Tag so check out the link below if you wanna do it :) xox

  4. I have been watching your videos for a while and only just realised you have a it already though!!!:)x


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