Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Nivea Lip Butter Review!

Hey Guys! So I'm on Easter Holidays now (for 2 weeks!) so hopefully I'll be posting more both here and on Youtube.

I thought I would do a little review about my favourite lip product this month. These little lip butters have been hyped about for a while now in the blogging community and I thought I would try one out. Boots were having a 3 for 2 offer on lip products so I bought the Vanilla and Macadamia lip butter and my sister got the Raspberry one and the same one that I got. They were around €3.

First off, the smell is incredible!

It smells good enough to eat...like a vanilla birthday cake <3 They don't taste like they smell unfortunately, as I do like lip balms to taste like something, but that's a minor detail!    

They really moisturise the lips but I wouldn't recommend it for really dry, chapped lips as it isn't medicated like Carmex or Chap Stick. As they are a lip butter, they leave a buttery soft feeling on the lips and are not greasy or sticky.

The one thing I'm not too much of a fan of with the lip butter is that they do come out as a milky white shade on the lips which can actually make you look a little bit sick if you apply too much! With proper blending and smacking of the lips this isn't too bad, but I just wanted to warn you!

Overall I think it's worth the €3, if not just for the smell!

The camera didn't pick it up very well.. but it was like a blizzard outside!
I hope you enjoyed this post,
xoxo, Emma

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