Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Hey Guys!

I hope you all had a great Easter and completely stuffed yourselves with chocolate! ;) Today I'll be showing you the nail polishes I wore for Easter and I think they are just perfect for Spring!

First on my thumb nail, I used Strawberrry Milkshake from RARE, a nail polish brand I have only seen in Lanzarote (Sorry guys!) and it's such a cute baby pink. The name describes it perfectly!

Then on my index finger I used Peach Melba from Barry M, a pastel peach colour that has been raved about in the blogosphere!

I used two polishes on my middle finger, Mint Green from Barry M, and this beautiful limited edition glitter polish also from Barry M. It doesn't have a name, well not that I can see anyway! It is clear, despite looking black in the bottle, and has big chunks of fuchsia, royal blue and dark green glitter. Beautiful!

I used my old favorite, Parma Violet from Topshop Nails, a pastel lilac on my ring finger. So Easter-y!

On my baby finger I used Orange Soda from 17, a slightly darker coral/ peach.

I love these nails, I hope you do too!
Talk to you later guys, I'm off to eat more chocolate! Muahahahahah <3

xoxo, Emma


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