Thursday, 6 June 2013

Hey guys!

I recently went to the Ciate Pop- Up shop in BT2 on Grafton St. as I saw they were doing free demos of the new Chalkboard Manicure. The Chalkboard Manicure was designed by the brand's owner and consists of a matte black 'chalkboard' nail, which you can doodle on to your hearts content with the included chalk pens. You then lock in your designs with the Mattnificent Top Coat or wipe the design off with water and a cloth and start again.

A sneaky pic my sister took of me!

The lady who did my nails talked me through the process and when it came to the doodling, she asked if I had any designs in mind, to which I answered no, so she went crazy! She drew polka dots, daisies, an eye, stripes and bows, a different design on each of my nails. I loved the look of them, they look really different!

Unfortunately, they didn't last very long and chipped within a day, and not just a tiny chip, but a big chip.

The kit retails at €29 and includes the matte black chalkboard polish, 4 chalk pens (white, blue, neon pink and yellow) and the Mattnificent Top Coat, as well as a little book chock full of inspiration. I personally wouldn't buy this kit purely because it is not within my budget, but for a free manicure, it was alright!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and I will chat to you soon!

xoxo, Emma

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