Wednesday, 3 July 2013

June Favourites!

Hey Guys!

I have not done a favourites post in ages so I thought I would fill you all in on what I have been loving in June.


I have been loving Bourjois' Bronzing BB Cream which I recently did a review on. I wear this under my eyes on days I wear makeup (which is around once or twice a week) and it covers up my dark circles and brightens my face up. Love!

I have also been using MAC's Magenta Blush, a powder blush I got in the airport last year. I have to admit that I haven't used this blush as I much as I should, as I found it hard to apply it without looking like a clown because it is so crazily pigmented! I have recently discovered the right technique to apply it (using a very light hand!) and I have fallen in love with this blush. It brightens up my whole face and is not as scary as it appears in the pan.

For my eyes I have been loving Maybelline's The Rocket mascara (as have about 90% of the blogging- Youtube community!) and I have not worn any mascara but this one since i got it in May. It volumizes, lengthens and is just an all-round brilliant product. I really reccommend it!

Eyeliner and I don't really get along. Every eyeliner I have tried leaves my eyes red and watery- not cute. When I got the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencil in Zero with the Theodora palette (also reviewed on my blog), I thought it would be the exact same. But oh, was I wrong, this stay in place on my tight line, doesn't gather in my inner corner- also not cute- and doesn't leave my eyes looking like I'd been crying for days! A winner in my books!!

Finally for beauty I have been using MAC's paintpot in Bare Study, a cult favourite among beauty obsessed girls everywhere. It is the perfect champagne cream eyeshadow that you can swipe on the lid and go. I will definitely be looking at getting another shade when I go to Greece later this month!


Ear cuffs have been doing their round lately as a pain- free alternative to getting your rim pierced. They come in tons of different styles from simple to crazy! I picked up this little one in River Island for €4 so they certainly don't all break the bank. I wear this when I go out and I feel it adds a certain something to any outfit. I also have a cuff with a feather on it that I will definitely be reaching for over the summer months.


I have begun to re- read the Blue Bloods series (by Melissa de la Cruz)
this summer and I am thoroughly enjoying them. I read them around 4 years ago so I wasn't really old enough to appreciate them, but I think they are great the second time round. There are 5 (I think!) books in the series and I am currently reading the second one, Masquerade. They are about vampires living in Manhattan and they are all extremely rich, I love reading about the fabulous clothes and shoes they wear.


Of course there had to be a food category! I discovered almond butter a few months ago and I have fallen in love. It is absolutely delicious spread on rice cakes. Yum yum! I am allergic to peanuts and I used to eat peanut butter every single day when I was a kid (before I was allergic obviously!) so I really miss it. But almond butter makes up for it! It is rather expensive at €4.50 for a 170g jar in most health food shops but I make it last!

That's all from me guys! I hope you enjoyed my favourites and have a great July. By the way, have any of you seen Despicable Me 2? It's hilarious and absolutely adorable!!

xoxo, Emma


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