Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Hey Guys!

How have you all been? So tomorrow is Halloween as I'm sure you all know, and I am so excited! I'm not actually doing anything  *sadface* but I just love Halloween anyway :)

I don't know if you have seen all of my Halloween Tutorials so here are some pics and links will be below! Comment below which one is your favourite!

I hope you guys enjoyed them, I had so much fun filming them! I may have time to do one last one but please forgive me if I don't!

What do you guys normally do for Halloween? Trick- or- Treating, parties, give out sweets or do you prefer to cuddle up in your PJs with a scary movie and a bowl of popcorn? This year I think I'll be giving out sweets... the little kids are adorable :')

Happy Halloween! I'll chat to you all soon,

Emma xoxo

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