Sunday, 5 January 2014

Best of 2013: Blogs, YouTubers & Apps

Hey Guys!

Another day, another post! I hope you are enjoying this series and find it marginally helpful. I thought that blogging about my favourites of 2013 would be better than making a video, as I did last year, because it gives you a quick glimpse of them without having to listen to me waffle on about them! This post is about the Internet side of things: Blogs, YouTube Channels & Apps.


HelloOctober// I only discovered Suzie’s blog in December, and I am so glad my sister showed me some of her posts. Her photography is perfection, and her style of writing is so relaxed and easy-to-read while still being jam-packed with information. I also love the design of her blog, and her Youtube channel is full of beautifully filmed videos that I could just drool over.

The Londoner// I have been reading Rosie’s blog for about a year now, and it is one of the good ones! I check it every day to see posts teeming with gorgeous photos of her trips to Paris, Greece and of course, London. Rosie’s blog is part of the reason that I am in love with London… It would be amazing to go to all of the amazing restaurants that she reviews, the burgers and luxurious desserts look incredible! Also, her dog, Custard is just the cutest!


Zoella// Zoella’s blog and Youtube channel have been firm favourites of mine for a few years, I love her quirky personality, great style and of course her hair is amazing (Jealous? Me? Maybe…). Her autumn look book was beautifully shot, and I love her hauls… mainly because most of them are from Primark and it’s great to see someone who loves a bit of high street like me! How cute is her relationship with Alfie too?

HelloOctober// I think you can tell that Suzie’s blog and Youtube made a big impression on me this year! Her Get Ready With Me videos show off the products so professionally and I love her Outfits of the Day. Getting little glimpses of London in some of them doesn’t hurt either! I also love the little anchor tattoo on the inside of her foot <3


Instagram// Without doubt, this app had grown massively in popularity this past year. I am no exception to it’s addictive ways… why is it that we get so much enjoyment out of looking at pictures of food and clothes? I don’t know… but I do know one thing- it’s pretty darn fun! My favourites to follow are @rosielondoner and @leannewoodfull. P.S: Follow me @emmafitz96 ;)

Bloglovin’// Bloglovin is a site that you can sign up to if you have a bog, and even if you don’t have a blog. It makes it tons easier to read your fave blogs, and for others to read your blog. You can get a free app, and drool over your favourite blogs on- the- go now! No more having 20 tabs open in the Internet to look for all of your blogs… yay!

That was a pretty word- heavy post, which I hope you enjoyed. I am sorry if all of your time magically disappears while you trawl through the blogs and YouTube channels I mentioned!

‘Til tomorrow,

xoxo, Emma

*I do not own the pictures of HelloOctober or TheLondoner, they can be found on their blogs.

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