Monday, 3 March 2014

NARS Copacabana Illuminator

Hey Guys!

I'm sorry for the lack of posts lately, but I've decided to up my game, and I'll try to post more regularly now. Today I'm going to show you the latest addition to my makeup collection, the NARS Copacabana Illuminator. It is absolutely gorgeous!

Copacabana is a pearly pink shade that NARS carry over a range of different formulas of highlighters. As most of the products I use are powder based, I thought I would try the illuminator, a cream highlighter, just to add a bit of dewiness and glow to my look.

I simply take the tiniest dot of this on my middle finger, tap my two middle fingers together to get a bit of product on each one, and then press that on to the tops of my cheekbones. If I ever have any extra left on my fingertips, I put it on the bridge of my nose, my Cupid's Bow, and a little swipe on my eyelids. It adds such a pretty glow that is just shimmery enough for my taste. As you know, I am not one for overly shimmery products!

The packaging is pretty plain, with the tube emblazoned with the NARS logo. Nothing too fancy, which in my opinion is just fine!

I love this illuminator and it has fast become a favorite of mine, if you want to see the product in action, check out my last video.

xoxo, Emma

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