Sunday, 16 March 2014

Paris Haul

Hey Guys!

My sister recently visited Paris with two of her college friends, and of course, I took the opportunity to give her a shopping list with some beauty goodies that you can only get in Paris. She returned with a little package of goodies just for me, which she placed on the dining room table for me to see when I ate my breakfast.

I have never been to Sephora as the last time I was in Paris I wasn't into makeup (shock horror!) and wasn't bothered by the beauty hall I now consider to be makeup heaven. She got me three things from Sephora which I am delighted with (you did good Becky!).

Sephora Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover: The bottle looks half empty, but it's not! It has a formula that needs to be shaken up to mix the clear liquid with the blue. I've never used eye makeup remover before, and I am now a convert! This is so cool, I honestly didn't expect it to remove all of my mascara, but it does! It doesn't leave the eye area rubbed raw, or greasy which I love, obviously!

Sephora Nano Lip Liner: This was a complete surprise, but a very welcome one! I don't have a lip liner this color so I'm in love. The formula is smooth and doesn't drag on the lip. As most lip liners, it does tend to highlight any dry areas, but a quick swipe of lip balm before application gets rid of any patchiness.

Sephora Creamy Body Washes: My sister said she had finished shopping in Sephora and was about to leave when these caught her eye. They were displayed in big tubes, and she said it looked like the pipes the chocolate was sucked up in in Charlie & The Chocolate Factory! She picked me out three of the little pods, one in Toffee, one in Coconut, and one in Peony. Being the caramel fiend I am, I cracked open the toffee one. It smells like a caramel cream frappucino <3 I'm going to use it tonight, so follow me on Twitter, here to see what I think.

Macaroons:  Becka couldn't go to France, the land of macaroons without getting me some! The ones in Lauduree on the Champs Elysees were €5 each, so she went to another boulangerie and got me a box of 7 macaroons, wrapped up with a little pink ribbon. I've had one so far- they are so good! I love macaroons. Sorry I'm not sorry ;)

So that's all for today guys, I will be back tomorrow to chat to you all about a great restaurant I went to with my friends on Friday.

xoxo, Emma


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