Sunday, 29 June 2014

Mermaid's Tale

Hey Guys!

If you know me at all, you will know I am slightly obsessed with mermaids, and have been ever since I was little (did anyone else watch H2o: Just Add Water everyday after school?). They were also the main characters in my Junior Cert English Exam Short Story (I got an A *insert smug face emoji*). So, as soon as I saw this beautiful nail polish in my local pharmacy, I just KNEW I had to have it. Mermaid color? Check. Mermaid Sparkle? Check. Mermaid- themed name? Double check. Let me introduce you to Sally Hansen's Salon Manicure Nail Polish in Mermaid's Tale.

First off, just look at that color. So pretty, right? It reaches full opacity at 3-4 coats, not bad for a glitter polish, I think. It manages to dry quite smoothly, unlike some other glitter polishes which can dry to a rough finish with bits of glitter poking out. You know the ones, that seem to catch on everything and anything, making washing your hair a nightmare? This one doesn't do that.

The lasting power is pretty good, lasting about 5 days on me before needing a tip touch-up. Not too shabby. I was, and still am- just slightly less- in love with this polish because of one thing. The Removal. This is unforch a classic glitter polish when it comes to taking it off… in other words, it was a pain. 

I am definitely interested in trying more of Sally Hansen's CM line as they seem to be really great quality, with a gorgeous shiny finish and they also have a wide range of shades available.

xoxo, Emma

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Making A Statement

Hey Guys!

I'm here with a fashion-y type post for you all today, based on my love of statement necklaces. I currently have three which I wear frequently as I think they are the perfect accessory for any outfit! Apart from my Swatch watch which you guys will have seen me wear pretty much all the time, I am pretty minimalistic on the jewelry front, so I like to make a statement with a necklace (Do you see what I did there? Ha.) You can find some great necklaces in Penneys/ Primark, Zara, and H&M.

I like to wear them with everything, from under shirt collars in Autumn/Winter, to jazzing up dresses and plain t-shirts in Spring/Summer. I will do a styling video if you would like to see one, but until then, here are my favorite statement necklaces.

Gold Chain// Penneys
Multicoloured Tiered Necklace// Penneys
Coloured Jewel Necklace// H&M

Stirped T-Shirt// Zara
Sunglasses// Penneys

xoxo, Emma

Thursday, 19 June 2014

The 3-in-1 Palette

Hey Guys!

So there will be a massive collective haul coming your way pretty soon, but I just couldn't wait to tell you about a palette that I received for my 18th birthday. My parents surprised me with the beautiful Urban Decay NAKED Flushed Palette, a 3-in-1 palette with a bronzer/contour shade, a rosy blush, and a highlighter. The perfect on-the-go palette. Here are my thoughts.

The Bronzer: A warm toned matte brown that I use to contour my cheekbones and to add a hint of much-needed warmth to my pale face. I love that this has no shimmer so can be used as a contour, something that I find to be quite difficult to find in a bronzer nowadays. No muddy, orange disco balls to be seen around here, thank you very much.

The Highlighter: This is a beautiful pink highlighter laced with shimmer that I like to dab just along the tops of my cheekbones and on my brow bone to add a healthy glow. I have recently been turned into a highlight lover after discovering that it doesn't just make you look like you are a bit shiny and in need of a sweep of powder. When applied correctly, it can give you a lit-from-within glow that I think is gorgeous.

The Blush: Although it seems quite vibrant in the pictures, this is such a pretty rosy pink with a subtle hint of shimmer. This blush is very pigmented, so requires a fairly light hand, be warned! I dust this on the apples of my cheeks, and I look instantly more awake and put together.

I have fallen in love with this little palette and I fully condone all of the hype it has been getting in the blogosphere since it's release. As far as I'm aware, there is only one shade available in Ireland so far, but there seems to be a few versions in other countries. You can pick it up now from Debenhams, and other Urban Decay stockists nationwide, for €29.00.

Have you tried the Urban Decay NAKED range?

xoxo, Emma

Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Hey Guys!

So, with the sun blazing outside, I feel like it is finally summer. I have finished my Leaving Cert, and thus, secondary school, so the next chapter in my life is very exciting indeed: COLLEGE. I am so excited to be starting college in the Autumn, of course I have no idea where I will be going, but fingers crossed that it will be as enjoyable as my time in secondary school. I am determined to make this the best summer yet, full of memories and of course, blog posts and Youtube videos! I decided to do a little post with a quick update, and also my Summer Bucket List.

1// Start a new blog: This plan is already underway, and I am so excited to share my new blog with you all. It will be a healthy food blog, and I shall be doing it with my sister! We both have beauty and fashion blogs already (check hers out here) but we have a passion for food that not only tastes good, but does your body some good too. I hope you will follow us on our new little blog journey, we hope it will be a tasty one!

2// Say 'Yes!': I am inclined to say no to a lot of things, like parties for example, so I am making it my mission to stop saying no and to start saying yes more often this summer!

3// Read: I absolutely adore reading, but I had to take a little break this year because of the Leaving Cert, so I am hoping that I can get back into the swing of reading. I read a lot on holidays and we are going away for two weeks this year instead of one, so expect to see a ton of books on my summer reading list (would you like to see a post on that?) .

4// Get a job: I know this is pretty boring, but I am going away twice this summer (possible three times!) so I am in desperate need of a bit of moolah!

So they are all of the things on my bucket list so far, I am sure I will think of many more as soon as I publish this, but here you have it. My Summer Bucket List. I hope you enjoy!

xoxo, Emma
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