Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Hey Guys!

So, with the sun blazing outside, I feel like it is finally summer. I have finished my Leaving Cert, and thus, secondary school, so the next chapter in my life is very exciting indeed: COLLEGE. I am so excited to be starting college in the Autumn, of course I have no idea where I will be going, but fingers crossed that it will be as enjoyable as my time in secondary school. I am determined to make this the best summer yet, full of memories and of course, blog posts and Youtube videos! I decided to do a little post with a quick update, and also my Summer Bucket List.

1// Start a new blog: This plan is already underway, and I am so excited to share my new blog with you all. It will be a healthy food blog, and I shall be doing it with my sister! We both have beauty and fashion blogs already (check hers out here) but we have a passion for food that not only tastes good, but does your body some good too. I hope you will follow us on our new little blog journey, we hope it will be a tasty one!

2// Say 'Yes!': I am inclined to say no to a lot of things, like parties for example, so I am making it my mission to stop saying no and to start saying yes more often this summer!

3// Read: I absolutely adore reading, but I had to take a little break this year because of the Leaving Cert, so I am hoping that I can get back into the swing of reading. I read a lot on holidays and we are going away for two weeks this year instead of one, so expect to see a ton of books on my summer reading list (would you like to see a post on that?) .

4// Get a job: I know this is pretty boring, but I am going away twice this summer (possible three times!) so I am in desperate need of a bit of moolah!

So they are all of the things on my bucket list so far, I am sure I will think of many more as soon as I publish this, but here you have it. My Summer Bucket List. I hope you enjoy!

xoxo, Emma

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