Monday, 7 July 2014

Shopping the Zara sales...

Hey Guys!

Now I know I'm not the only one in love with the Zara sale, right? They aren't like Topshop- just putting out the pieces that no one wants, and at a high price too, might I add. Zara put out some great stuff, and that great stuff always seems to fall straight into my shopping basket. Oops. To give you an example of some of the stuff I have picked up in the Zara sale, both on and offline, I put together a little OOTD of three items I recently bought.

Jumper, Skort and Cuffed Heeled Sandals all from Zara

How much did I save, you ask? Well the whole outfit rings in at €55.97, and originally would have cost me €82.93. That means I saved €27. Score. 

Now please excuse me as I go spend that €27 on more Zara clothing. See you on the flip side.

xoxo, Emma


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