Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Greek Photo Edit// Week 2

Hey Guys!

So I'm back with my second Greek Photo Diary. I hope you enjoyed the last one, looking back over the pictures of the amazing weather has not made me feel any better about the horrible weather we have here in Ireland at the moment. If it's raining where you live too, then kick back and scroll through these photos where hopefully they will cheer you up and make you think of sunny beaches with turquoise clear water. I know I am!

Feeling tanned ;)

The Ancient City of Cameros

The amazing Tiger Moth in The Valley of the Butterflies in Psinthos

St. Paul's Bay

Me sipping my Pina Colada (In a glass made of ice!) in an Ice Bar in Lindos. It is a -6 degree bar full of ice sculptures, and you have to wear a faux fur-trimmed cloak and gloves to keep you warm! 

On the last night I went crazy and got this HUGE waffle with caramel ice cream and caramel sauce. SO GOOD.

So that is the second installment of my Greek photo diary for 2014. I hope you enjoyed, and I will see you all in my next post!

xoxo, Emma


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