Monday, 6 October 2014


Hey Guys!

As you all know by now I'm sure, I have started college and to say it is intense would be an understatement! I have to say I wasn't quite expecting to have so much work to do! I am coping, but keeping track of it all is much harder than when I was in secondary school. No homework journal, or teachers constantly reminding you to do things. Having said that, my course is quite small, so the structure is slightly more 'secondary school-esque' than other courses would probably be.

I have been finding it hard to find time to film and write posts. Mostly because of my long hours of college eating into precious daylight hours, making it increasingly harder to take blog photos or film videos. I really need to invest in some lights for my videos! Instead of trying to put pressure on myself to upload twice a week, I think I will shorten that to uploading once a week, on a Tuesday. I will upload blogposts whenever possible! If I have more ideas for Halloween tutorials than I can film, I might do step-by-step blog tutorials instead.

Until next time,

xoxo, Emma


  1. Looking forward to your weekly uploads! Don't out pressure on yourself though, it's hard to find the right balance x

  2. I've also been finding it hard to find time to write posts since I started college, I'm sure we will be able to figure out a schedule though. Only posting once a week is a great idea! x



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