Saturday, 25 October 2014

Zoella Beauty Haul

Hey Guys!

This package took soooo long to get to me. I ordered it the very day the Zoella Beauty range came out, and I only got it yesterday! I'm delighted with the products, so here is a little run-down of what I ordered.

Blissful Mistful Fragranced Body Mist: I was a bit wary of getting this because I am quite fussy about scents so buying them online without having previously smelled them is a bit hit and miss for me. I actually really like it though, to me it smells like my sister, and as soon as she smelled it she thought it smelled exactly like her Chanel Chance Eau Tendre Perfume. Being a quarter of the price of Chanel, I think it was a very good buy! It is a very feminine, fresh scent that is definitely on the more floral side of the perfume spectrum. I am usually into very sweet scents, so this is a nice change for me. Me thinks it will become my new signature scent.

Soak Opera Bath Soak & Shower Cream: This is actually a massive bottle! It smells pretty similar to the Body Mist, and I like when you can combine all the products to amplify a scent. I used this last night in the shower and it did a good job of lathering up (gotta have a good lather!) and it smelled heavenly!

Guinea Pig Beauty Bag: I chose this design over the 'eyes' design as I thought this was a) adorable, and b) so adorable. The thing that I love about this bag is that it passes the Naked palette test, something very few makeup bags can do. By this, I mean that the Naked palettes fit in perfectly so I only have to bring the makeup bag and not have to cart the palette around on the side too. It's a great size, and it is made of a wipe-clean material meaning it won't get dirty quite so easily.

These are the few bits I picked up from the Zoella Beauty range. Now I just have to wait for the Fizz Bar and Candle to come back in stock. Please Hurry Up!

xoxo, Emma

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