Friday, 5 December 2014

My New Berry Lip Love

Hey Guys!

Wow, feels weird to type that after such a long time away from blogging. I was in Boots a few months ago and spotted Maybelline's newest lip offering; a creamy lip pencil in a selection of incredible shades. Sometimes lip pencils can be in sickly pinks and a token red, but Maybelline brought out a great selection. The shade that caught my eye was Berry Much, a dark berry color that just screams autumn/ winter.

I thought that with it being creamy and 'velvety', it would smear all over my face even if I just rubbed my lips together, but I was very much mistaken. I wore this on half of my lips for Halloween (I was a half skeleton, half human type thing) and I worried that it would mix with the white shade on the 'skeleton' half of my face and I would look like an extra from a horror movie (although not always a bad thing with it being Halloween). But, it did not budge one little bit. I decided to try it out again on another night out- I'm a party animal, didn't you know? I was out until 2am and I had actually forgotten to bring the pencil with me, but when I got home, my makeup looked as fresh as it had done at 7.30pm the previous day. *Insert all the heart eye'd emojis here*

I have heard rumors of these pencils being a dupe for the coveted NARS lip pencils. As I haven't tried NARS' offerings, all I can tell you is that you need one of these pencils in for life. Race ya to Boots?

xoxo, Emma


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