Friday, 14 August 2015

Insta Catch Up #1

Hey Guys,

I've seen an increasing amount of bloggers do blogposts where they compile the instagram pictures they have uploaded in a certain month and put it together into one picture- heavy post. I really do have a penchant for photography and having a blog has really helped that hobby flourish. I'm currently on the hunt for a 'big girl' camera, or in other words, one that isn't hot pink with a dent in it from when I "accidentally" threw it on the floor. No matter how neglected my blog or youtube channel may get, rest assured that my instagram will be full of colourful pictures that you can have a gander at, so here is my insta feed from July 2015.

         the beautiful beach in wexford; feeling spend in mac; delish vegan dark chocolate, almond butter banana bread; my fave flowers from M&S; fulfilling my lifelong dream of being a mermaid on the rocks; the stunning village at lyons where I worked in a children's cookery school this summer

Let me know if you think this should be a permanent feature on the blog!

Xoxo, Emma 


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